More hearing more future.

We can immediately separate all voices within 10ms.

Let's show our Technologies!


We make conversation easilier with our engine.

  • Enhance Specific Human Voice

    Through 3-5 seconds long of recording, we can label certain voice, divide and enhance it in real-time.

  • Cancellation of certain enviroment noise

    Through 3-5 seconds long of recording, we can label certain sound or noise, divide it out and remove it in real-time.

  • Converting sound from 2D into 3D

    We analyze sound and environment, then simulate 3D surrounding with our engine so our user can "hear the space".


We solve the classic problem of Cocktail party with our engine to deliver acurrate voice application in multi-speaker scenario.

  • Voice command with Voice Identification

    In multi-speaker scenario, user can teach the device to only response to the voice of certain person with our engine.

  • Analytics of envrionment and crowd

    Devices with RelaJet engine inside are able to outline the crowd and the environment around them after staying active for some time.

  • Monitoring of certain sound with few samples

    RelaJet engine is able to recognize, and enhance certain sound, this function can work as a reminder or an alert for users need to be alarmed if irregular sound occur.

RelaJet is devoted to explore every possibility of hearing with cutting-edge technology. We will show people an exciting new way to communicate not only with each other, but also with the machine. Here is the future.

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